Mark Brozovich

Seasoned Information Technology Professional

Translates and explains highly complex technical and business information to customers and clients to reveal how a {often new} technology product, business process or piece of equipment can solve their specific requirements, providing advice and support from design to implementation to enhance business opportunities and growth for all.


Let Me Introduce Myself


1997 - Present

Sysworks Consulting -Principal IT Consultant

Approachable, results-driven leader with extensive experience managing and coaching teams, from naturally leading team meetings to managing fifty plus consultants. More than thirty years IT consulting and twenty years of systems development, analysis, evaluation, integration, testing and implementation experience. Has managed large IT offices and teams, recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding dozens of new team members. Coordinates project workflow, tracking and reporting with an eye on KPIs, efficiencies and quality delivery. Go-to for answers related to projects or people as a manager that truly understands the ground floor, the realities of each role and the industry at large.

2017 - Present

Priority Payments Denver -Payment Processing Consultant & POS Integrator

Taught himself everything he needed to know to independently build a payment processing solutions consultancy from the ground up, supporting 200 clients who do thousands of transactions a month, with gross merchant revenue exceeding $275M. Works with companies with yearly revenue ranging from $50k – multi-million dollar, taking a personal interest in organizations of every size.

About Me

Mark  is a seasoned IT and Sales Professsional with a broad background in many area’s of Sales, Business Development, Recruitment, Marketing, Consulting and more.  Mark is passionate about providing people the products and services that they need to make their life better and more productive. He continues to be driven, not only by his innate ability to be a problem solver for customers, but to also stimulate creative ideas for business growth in the fast moving technology industry. Professionally, Mark loves challenges and solving problems. He enjoy’s being around and collaborating with smart people who make him grow.  His passion is building long-term client relationships and engaging in education and training opportunities.  On a personal side, Mark is a Colorado native and married with three children. He loves anything that has to do with the outdoors – hiking, skiing, cycling, backpacking and more.


Bachelor of Science in Computer and Management Science

Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO

Master of Science in Information Technology - Graduate Studies (ongoing) -Emphasis in Oracle Application Development, Object-Oriented Technologies and Project Management

Regis University, CO

Certificate in Oracle Database Applications

Regis University, CO

Certificate -Six Week Jump Start Program to “Build, Manage & Scale Your Merchant Sales Business”

CCSalesPro with Coach James Shepard

Certificate in Recruitment & Sales Training

Morgan Consulting Group with Coach Peter Leffkowitz

Top Skills

Approachable, Results-Driven Leader 100%
Leads from the Trenches, Iimmersed as a Team Player 100%
Advanced Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager and Tester 100%
Consultative & Technical Analyst 100%
Customer Needs Analysis & Problem Solving 100%


"Consummate Professional"Mark Brozovich is a consummate professional. I've known him for 10 years, and have always been impressed by his ability to understand both the overall strategy we needed to implement as well as the ability to create a detailed plan on how to get us there. Rarely do people have the unique skillset that enables them to ask the right questions to understand the vision of a project, develop proper project requirements, and also perform all the work needed to get the job done. Mark also has excellent people skills that help him with sales and client interaction and driving customer satisfaction. He is a tireless worker who always does what it takes make sure the mission is accomplished, and he would be a true asset to any organization.
Dan Shaffer
Optiva Inc.
"Came Through With Flying Colors" Mark was the primary point of contact to his organization which provided us with 60 contractors, a leading individual contributor and served as one of our subject matter experts - quite a lot. Mark came through with flying colors with a get-the-job-done attitude and being very easy to work with. Mark also consistently presented himself in a polished, professional manner.
Jim Vezina
BottleRoom 3
"I would highly recommend Mark" Mark was a valuable asset to me at PDS and Momentum. He was everything you would ask for in a consultant. Mark was trustworthy, dependable, a great team player, and delivered an excellent product. The client was very pleased with Mark's knowledge and work. Because of the reputation he helped established for the company, many additional resources were hired. I wouild highly recommend Mark to anyone as a consultant or employee. I also worked with Mark as a business partner, competitor, and vendor. I have known Mark for over 15 years. Mark always had outstanding people working for him, as well as providing his own excellent personal technical and management skills. I always found him to provide excellent service, he was trustworthy, and an ethical competitor and individual contributor.
David Perry
Raytheon IIS

Dave Seidle -Former Manager

(720) 203 7695

Joe Gorman -Personal Friend

(303) 809 8895

Bill Reynolds -Former Colleague

(303) 564 7095